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Fiction writer with a background in physics, oceanography, and history living in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Author of Henry's Bomb, an historical thriller shortlisted for both the 2022 Debut Dagger award and the Crime Writers of Canada 2020 Unhanged Arthur award for Best Unpublished Crime Manuscript.

Henry's Bomb

It is 1919. Henry Moseley, the most brilliant nuclear physicist of his generation, lies dead on a World War I battlefield, and the secret to the most devastating weapon ever conceived has died with him.

Manchester detective Frank Tinsley must find Moseley's missing laboratory notebook before its groundbreaking insights are lost forever.

But Tinsley is not the only one looking for Moseley's notebook. Germany, defeated in the Great War, also has reasons for wanting the deadly secrets it contains …


I am currently seeking representation and a publisher for Henry's Bomb.

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